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Friday, February 12, 2010

White Texas?!?

It snowed more than a foot here yesterday - completely unheard of in Dallas. I was stuck in Houston for several hours waiting to catch a plane to Dallas and got in pretty late. I just love the house covered in snow!

The chicken run collapsed under the weight of snow, so I think a new, more permanent run is in the future. The funny thing is, the chickens won't go out in the snow! I got them out briefly with food, but they headed back inside the coop after a few mins. Their feet aren't made for wet or cold. Happy me and miserable chickens!

Pepper has been reintegrated and is happy and healthy. The was a great surprise waiting for me...
Yep - her very first eggs - and five at that! I thought she wouldn't lay because she is underweight but she's been busy! Yea! Finally, after all that waiting...

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